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Floor coatings are an easy and cost-effective way to extend the life of your concrete floor. These coatings shield your garage floor from harsh chemicals, moisture, and other damaging agents.

Although garage coatings help to maintain the concrete underneath, they need proper care to preserve their aesthetic appeal.

Subjecting your floor coating to heavy traffic and large amounts of abuse may lead to regular replacement. Keep reading for tips on how to maintain your garage floor coating.

Sweep Your Floors Daily

Sweep your floors daily with a mechanized cleaning tool or broom to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. If using a mechanized sweeper, steer clear of stiff brushes.

Instead, use a soft bristle brush to prevent loss of gloss. You also want to place mats near any entryways to minimize the accumulation of dirt and moisture.

Mop Weekly

Besides looking bad, dust and dust may scratch the surface and get embedded in your garage floor coating. Consider moping your floor weekly with a soft microfiber dust mop if you have a smooth top layer. A soft-bristle brush broom will work well for a more textured surface.

Sweep away loose debris, then mop the floor with hot water and clear ammonia. Four to five ounces of ammonia per gallon of water should be enough to remove soiling adequately. This is especially crucial for high-traffic areas or areas where oil and grease are prevalent.

Clean Spills Immediately

Different floor coatings have varying resistance thresholds for chemicals, cleaners, oil spills, and gas, among other things. Still, if left to sit for long, abrasive materials will eventually soften, discolor, or remove a coating altogether.

To save yourself from short-lived garage coatings, clean any liquid spills as soon as you notice them. If your garage floor is likely to come into contact with chemicals, seek professional guidance from the coating manufacturer on the floor coating’s chemical-resistant properties.

Remove Stains Immediately

If you notice stains on your floor coating, begin the stain removal process with a mild solution before moving on to more potent stain removers until the stain disappears. Exercise caution when working with chemicals, and wear proper eye protection and safety gloves.

Repair any Scratches or Gouges to the Coating

Repair any scratches or gouges to the floor coating as soon as possible. You also want to avoid sliding, scraping, or dropping heavy machinery, sharp objects, or pallets across the floor without proper protection, as that may cause deep gouges and cuts.

When moisture gets under the coating, your floor coating will start to peel. Also, avoid harsh cleaning solutions and stiff bristle brushes on your floors.

Wax and Polish High-Traffic Areas

While you don’t have to wax and polish your concrete coating, doing so helps maintain a shiny appearance. This is especially crucial in high-traffic areas. You may notice that your floor coating looks dull and worn down in regions constantly walked over.

A high-quality wax or polish can restore your garage floor’s shiny appearance. Consider adding a new clear coat if polishing doesn’t restore the floor’s original shine.

Another way to preserve your floor’s shiny coating is to avoid vinegar or citrus cleaners, as these acidic cleaners can potentially damage your garage coatings.

Reapply Clear Coatings When Necessary

Another crucial tip when caring for your concrete floor is to apply a new clear coat when necessary. Reapplying the topcoat makes the floor look new again and will also help you preserve the floor for longer.

Once the original clear coat wears down, failure to reapply wears down the base coat and color of your floor. Adding a new clear coat protects the other layers of your coating.

Because garage coatings have a reputation for durability, they require minimal maintenance. With the tips mentioned above, you can keep your concrete finish floor in great shape for much longer.

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We also serve the Denver community with high-quality, affordable floor coatings for your patio, driveway, basement, pool deck, and commercial areas.

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