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Concrete Coatings in Denver, CO

Top-rated family-owned and operated business for all your concrete flooring needs in Denver, CO.

Alpha Concrete Coatings are your reliable and trusted concrete flooring experts in Denver, CO. Contact us today at (720) 713-8220 to learn more about our flooring services and receive your free quote. 

Alpha Concrete Coatings is your top-rated family-owned and operated business for all your concrete flooring needs in Denver, CO. We have a professional and courteous team of technicians who go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.

Alpha Concrete Coatings uses a polyurea base and polyurea top coats for durability and high-quality results. This base and top coat protect your concrete flooring from spills, scratches, and other harmful elements. We also source our products from Colorado, so you can feel good about supporting local businesses while receiving superior materials.

To learn more about our happy customers in Denver, CO, visit our testimonials page.

Benefits of Concrete Flooring in Denver, CO

Applying a polyurea layer on your concrete flooring is an efficient and cost-effective way to protect your floor. In addition, it can handle the fluctuating temperatures of Denver, CO, weather. Its flexible surface will hold up in winter and the hot days of summer.

In addition to its flexibility, polyurea will not fade with constant sun exposure. Because it does not fade, it is the perfect solution for driveways, patios, walkways, or even your pool deck.

A polyurea layer also stops spills from absorbing the concrete. As a result, it keeps your garage and driveway safe from grease, oils, paint, and other stains. It also provides a durable surface that is chip and scratch resistant for long-lasting results.

Premium Quality Concrete Coatings in Denver, CO

Concrete Flooring Options in Denver, CO

Applying concrete coatings to your floor is a simple and easy step to improve the overall look of your home or business. However, it is an excellent investment that increases the lifespan of your concrete floor systems. Polyurea coatings are highly versatile, so many areas of your home or business can benefit from them.

Pool Deck Coatings

Keep your pool deck and family safe by having an Alpha Concrete Coatings expert apply a protective coat. With its chemical and wear-resistant properties, your family is less likely to slip on the surface. Furthermore, the concrete will not absorb any pool chemicals.

Patio Floor Coatings

Updating your patio does not have to be complicated. With a fresh concrete coating, you can easily make your patio look good while protecting it from the elements.

Basement Floor Coatings

Transform your dull basement into a room worth using. Applying a coat of polyurea allows you to easily customize the color. It enables you upgrade your basement to a functional and appealing space.

Commercial Floor Coatings

Keep your Denver, CO, business looking its best while keeping it safe. A polyurea layer protects your floor from heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Driveway Coatings

Protect your driveway from the elements along with grease and oil spills. Polyurea not only keeps the surface from fading, but it also can handle the weight of vehicles.

For more information on our concrete flooring options, visit our website or give us a call today. We take the time to answer all your questions. We’ll also address any concerns you have about your options.

Concrete Flooring Installation Process in Denver, CO

Alpha Concrete Coatings uses the latest technology and finest materials to ensure superior results. You can trust our licensed and insured technicians to resurface your concrete flooring in Denver, CO.

Our process includes:

  • Profile the surface
  • Repair all cracks and imperfections
  • Apply base coat
  • Broadcast the chips
  • Smooth the edges
  • Apply top coat

For your peace of mind, our team provides a 15-year warranty on all our services. For more information on our installation process, call us today to speak with one of our flooring experts.

Contact the Professionals at Alpha Concrete Coatings in Denver, Colorado

Alpha Concrete Coatings is ready to handle any concrete coating job, no matter the size or complexity. We offer affordable and honest pricing on all of our services. When you choose us, you can feel confident knowing you are receiving superior products.

Our team of technicians not only meets our customer’s expectations, but we also provide on-time and friendly services. In addition, we deliver the finest concrete flooring in Denver, CO. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your free quote.

Call Alpha Concrete Coatings today at (720) 713-8220 for more information on our industry-leading concrete flooring options. We are the go-to flooring experts in Denver, CO, and the surrounding areas. 

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