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Concrete Coatings in Lakewood, CO

High-quality and cost-effective way to protect your concrete flooring in Lakewood, CO

If you’re looking for a high-quality and cost-effective way to protect your concrete flooring in Lakewood, CO, contact our specialists at Alpha Concrete Coatings. We are the number one family-owned and operated company in Lakewood, with a presence in many service areas across Denver.

Our concrete coatings come with a 15-year warranty, one of the most extensive in the industry. We can cover all categories of floor systems, from concrete sidewalks to garages to wooden pool decks. You can work with our design team so our technicians can leave your concrete stained, glossy, or matte.

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Our Coatings Protect Dozens of Homes Across Denver

Alpha Concrete Coatings is the leading provider of concrete flooring in Lakewood, but we also serve many other neighborhoods in Denver. Contact us if you want to protect your residential or commercial property in the following areas:

We can also schedule assessments and jobs for clients outside of these neighborhoods. We earn hundreds of five-star reviews on independent websites and online forums annually from customers from all over. Give us a call today, and we will see what we can do for you.

Best Concrete Coatings in Lakewood, CO

Why Polyurea Is the Number One Concrete Flooring in Lakewood

Polyurea coatings are fast becoming the most popular garage floor protectant in the US. Studies from the Chamberlain Group reveal that more than half of American homeowners utilize their garages as the primary point of entering and exiting their homes. Commercial garages go through ten times the foot and vehicle traffic of residential garages, and their bare concrete surfaces will have a fleeting lifespan with no base and top coats.

Here are a few of the many benefits our polyurea coatings provide.

Unrivaled Damage Resistance

Epoxy coatings might be a bit cheaper than polyurea, but polyurea has four times the durability and staying power. Concrete floors are naturally porous, with billions of tiny holes that absorb humidity, moisture, and chemical droplets from vehicles and shoes. A polyurea coating covers up those openings, so you don’t have to worry about cracks, yellowing, dents, and scratches sustained from your daily activities.

Anti-Slip Topcoat

Epoxy topcoats feature a smooth and glossy finish that can be slippery when wet, causing clients to need an additional enhancer to have a non-slip walking surface. Polyurea creates a naturally grainy finish, giving your staff, family members, or customers a safe space to walk, run, and drive.

No Maintenance Necessary

Anti-freeze, brake fluid, oil, and grime can penetrate concrete floors with no protective coatings, leading to reduced curb appeal and structural challenges that could take thousands of dollars to repair. With a polyurea coating, you only need some water and soap to restore your floors to brand-new condition.

Unlimited Color Options

Our polyurea coatings come in eight standard color options, but you can work with our designers to create combinations and textures that will work best for your space.

Our Six-Step Coating Process That Leads to Five-Star Reviews

Our six-step coating process helps us offer a broad range of concrete flooring options that protect structural investments from impact damage, adverse weather events, and vehicle traffic for decades. Here is how we protect your concrete flooring in Lakewood.

Step One: Floor Smoothing

We use industrial diamond blasters and grinders to smooth floors. Smooth concrete offers better adhesion than rough surfaces.

Step Two: Floor Repairs

Our technicians will make repairs to cover up cracks that might have been hiding in the concrete for years.

Step Three: Base Coat Application

We will apply our first coat of polyurea. Our base coats are self-priming and quick-drying.

Step Four: Aesthetic Improvement

Depending on customer demand, we will hand-cast polymer chips onto the self-priming base coat to give it texture and vibrancy.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Our team will remove excess chips and all protrusions from the base coat to prepare for another layer.

Step Six: Sealing

We will apply a final layer of polyurea or polyaspartic coating that’s stain-resistant and UV-stable to protect your floors from damage.

Contact Alpha Concrete Coatings and Get a Free Quote

Protect your concrete flooring in Lakewood by getting the best polyurea and polyasparti coatings that will protect your floor from cracks, depressions, and discoloration. At Alpha Concrete Coatings, we source our materials directly from Denver manufacturers, so you know you’re getting quality and staying power. Call us today at 720-713-8220 for a free consultation.

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